Make Your Kitchen Energetic and Free Spirited with Yellow Appliances

yellow appliances

FeastHome – Another color of sunshine, happiness, and hope, plenty of people have made yellow as their signature color due to its character association. When it comes to interior design, yellow is also a preferable choice since it brings spark and life in the house.

Yellow also works well when it is placed in the kitchen. For the most part, yellow appliances doubly functioning as what makes the kitchen energetic and beautiful, while also provides the standard function of the appliances; they are meant to be used after all.

Most of the time, the kitchen looks much better to have the yellow in the appliances rather than the counters or the cabinets.

1. Bright Yellow and White

yellow appliances kitchen style

Part of the kitchen that attracts people is usually the appliances, and when they are in shades of bright yellow, it will almost captivate everyone. People appreciate the beauty and these yellow appliances will surely be appreciated.

In this kitchen layout, the yellow microwave, dishwasher, stove/oven, and the fridge give off some nice balancing contrast for the pure white kitchen.

2. Cheerful Yellow Appliances

kitchen appliances ideas

Appliances come in various colors, but yellow seems to be fitting well in the kitchen. Seeing yellow appliances such as coffee maker and even toaster can easily increase your appetite, or at least a tingling desire to make something with those appliances.

3. Single Color Yellow Contrast

kitchen appliances ideas

This yellow kitchen stove is the only yellow appliance in this otherwise silver kitchen, yet it goes to reflect its character as one of the most frequently used appliances in the kitchen. One of the points of having a bright color is to mark something in some way.

4. Yellow Sunshine Kitchen

yellow appliances kitchen style

This neatly organized kitchen is one of the most complete and well dressed. While most of the yellow comes from the cabinets and counters, with a fridge, it does not make this kitchen any less beautiful; in any case, it shows some spirit and radiates sparkling energy.

5. Yellow Counters

yellow appliances kitchen style

Sometimes, all it takes is just some colored modesty and this is how it is done. In this kitchen layout, the yellow comes from both parts of the walls, the counters, and the built-in cabinets above.

When you do not have appliances of certain colors, you can easily substitute it by adding some paint jobs on the walls or have something small with the color that you want to spruce up your kitchen.

6. Yellow and Marooned Red Combo

kitchen appliances ideas

Much like every other color, some lighter, lesser bright shades of yellow may also be taken into consideration when it comes to picking a color scheme of your kitchen. One should be considerate regarding the other colors that are present in the room.

In this one example, since the walls of the kitchen is already coated in bright red, adding another bright color like yellow could be quite overwhelming for the eyes. But does not mean you can’t use yellow; this pale yellow is quite a nice option to balance the color contrast.

And thankfully, there are also some appliances that come in this color, so no need to worry about the color problem in your kitchen.

7. Shaded Yellow and Silver

kitchen appliances ideas

While what is usually found in the kitchen are appliances, you can also make do with what you have. If you are the type of person who enjoys the kind of minimalist and are comfortable with having fewer things, even in the kitchen, that can be arranged.

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Say if you have one yellow appliance only want to add more yellow but do not feel like adding more objects? The other option is to paint some of these things or just use some little but eye-catching decorations, like yellow flowers.

This would make your kitchen not only fresher but brighter too. And you can still have plenty of rooms to navigate and breathe.

8. Simple Kitchen Space

kitchen appliances ideas

The good thing about pale yellow is that it is flexible and can be used well with other colors that are currently painted in the room, regardless of their saturation or brightness. Like in this one, pale yellow looks blended nicely with other colors in the kitchen like white and beige.

9. Cool White Kitchen

yellow appliances kitchen style

Besides mostly used in appliances, pale yellow and beige also work nicely on countertops. Most of the times, while bright yellow is common to be seen in appliances, beige and pale yellow are often sighted in kitchen cabinets, drawers, or counters.

10. Calm White Kitchen

yellow appliances kitchen style

This is one other example of having a yellow appliance in the middle of a whole white kitchen. When there is only one brightly colored kitchen appliance, it is better and preferable if it’s kitchen stove.

11. Sunny Yellow Kitchen

kitchen appliances ideas

A yellow themed kitchen complete with a mini bar is much recommended for those who enjoy exuberant life and are generally free-spirited people. This whole yellow and white kitchen can be really used to make a statement and define who you are.

12. Minimalist and Modest Yellow Wall

yellow appliances kitchen style

For color scheme besides on the appliances, yellow is not limited to or good only on the appliances; it is applicable on the walls as well. Certain colors may only fit in certain rooms, and yellow is definitely appropriate in the kitchen.

13. Bright Daylight Kitchen

yellow appliances kitchen style

This is another example of a balanced contrast between yellow and white. The layout of this room appears the divide the kitchen two parts, one side is comprised mostly of yellow, while the other one is white. This kitchen is quite rich when it comes to colors.

14. Well-Mannered Kitchen

yellow appliances kitchen style

A pale-yellow counter lineup makes a nice balanced contrast in a combination of three colors, which consists of pale yellow, metallic gray, and white.

15. Sophisticated Vintage Kitchen

kitchen appliances ideas

In a first glance, this room seems plain, but the yellow kitchen stove in the room can quickly fix that. It may seem plain, but one striking color in the middle of the all-white room makes it seem like this kitchen is vintage.

16. Tropical Lemon Kitchen

kitchen appliances ideas

Nothing screams tropical more clearly than yellow. The beige, wooden-like wall on the kitchen and a single large yellow fridge gives off an impression that this kitchen is inside a seaside cottage, the kind of place you would most enjoy as a vacation retreat.

17. Sunshade Kitchen

yellow appliances kitchen style

The azure color of this room covers most of the room; with all yellow appliances complement most of the room. This can be considered as one healthy kitchen.

18. Classic Humble Kitchen

yellow appliances kitchen style

A combination of beige and white is probably a common color scheme for kitchens, but that does not mean it’s not good. It’s actually pretty classical.

Spruce up your kitchen with yellow appliances and neat layout plans and watch as your kitchen transforms into a kitchen that brightens your day and lifts your spirit. It’s a good thing that yellow goes well with anything.


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