SPT Countertop Dishwasher Review

If there is any chore in the house or office that is going to cause the most dispute, it is, who is going to wash the pots. None of us enjoy the drudgery of cleaning dirty dishes. That’s why every household and office should have a dishwasher.

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3 Important Facts on Running a Dishwasher

  1. Dishwashers are excellent at killing bacteria. To be as effective at killing germs when hand washing, you would need the water to be at 140F, which would scald your skin. A dishwasher achieves this easily and kills those germs outright.
  2. Despite what you may think, dishwashers do not use more water than handwashing. Consider how many times during the day you might hand wash the pots; after breakfast, lunch and dinner? On average, one wash cycle in a dishwasher will most likely do the whole day’s dishes (depending on family and dishwasher size). How can this be possible? Well, running that water over the pots before and after the hand wash can use up to 20-gallons of water. Whereas, according to the American Water Works Association, the average modern dishwasher uses 10 gallons per wash.
  3. Dishwasher detergents are better for the environment than hand washing detergents. The force of the water in a dishwasher means that it can use a detergent with fewer chemical suds. The detergent that a dishwasher uses actually softens the water, so pots have fewer streaks and stains.

If you’re worried about the space a dishwasher might take up, the manufacturers of the SPT Countertop Dishwasher have got that covered. When you’re short of space in the kitchen or utility room, countertop machines are the answer.

Features of the SPT Countertop Dishwasher

A countertop dishwasher is ideal for an apartment, office or any small kitchen area. The SPT Countertop Dishwasher still gives you the same power and capacity as a family sized dishwasher but takes up a smaller space. It can wash up to 6 place settings at a time. One great feature of this machine is that it doesn’t even need to be plumbed in. You can simply connect it to the nearest faucet.

Watch this YouTube video for an overall impression of this economical machine:


  • Size: W21.65 x E19.69 x H17.24-in
  • Weight: 48.5-pounds
  • Draining pipe: 5-ft
  • Electric wire: 4.5-ft
  • Voltage: 120V, with
  • element
  • of 6-680W
  • Normal Cycle Water Consumption 3.8-glns
  • Energy Consumption: 220kw per year (estimated)
  • Noise: 55-dB
  • Warranty: 1-year

With a bright stainless steel interior, this is a durable machine both inside and out. Comes with a dish-racking tray and a removable cutlery basket. The capacity will hold up to six place settings on average.


An adapter is included in the kit for easy connection to the faucet, and that’s one of the great advantages of this model. You will not need to worry about the complications of plumbing it in. All you do is position the dishwasher near to your faucet. The provided fitting will work on standard male or female connections. Unscrew the aerator at the end of the kitchen faucet before you position the dishwasher supply pipe to the faucet.

If you have a side sprayer fitted to your faucet, you may notice some leakage. This is an inherent issue with side sprayers, due to the line pressure. Should this be a problem, you may need to run another water line to feed the dishwasher. This issue only affects those with a side sprayer fitting.

Draining the grey water is easy because the incoming water pipe has a duel feed. Not only does it supply the water for the dishwasher, but it also acts as a water drain too. The draining grey water is simply pumped back into the sink. When you come to dis-attaching this dual-purpose main pipe, make sure it is completely emptied of water. If not, it can continue to drip a little.

Once the pipe is connected to the faucet, turn on the hot water tap to fill the SPT Countertop Dishwasher. Leave the pipe in place until the whole cycle is complete. Don’t worry about leaving the faucet running as it has a pressurized hose. Do though, remember to turn off the faucet before you remove the fitting of the pipe. If not, you risk getting a soaking.

If you prefer your SPT Countertop Dishwasher to be plumbed into the water mains, this is also possible. It is much the same as with as any standard dishwasher being plumbed in. It’s easy to do for someone with a little practical plumbing knowledge, or better still, call in the experts.

There is also a 3-part filter system inside the dishwasher. This will need clearing on a regular basis. An old toothbrush or soft cleaning brush is perfect for cleaning the course and the fine filters. Don’t be too rough with them or you may damage the filters which would lead to performance issues. The main filter is where any of the larger debris might get collected. Larger particles of food are broken-up by a high-powered jet. They will be forced down the drain for removal.

Settings or Programmes

This compact SPT Countertop Dishwasher has six different programs. The washing cycles are:

  • Glass – Wash cycle of 1hr 10 mins. Includes heated air dry cycle.
  • Light – Wash cycle of 1hr 15 mins. Includes heated air dry cycle.
  • Normal – Wash cycle of 1hr 20 mins. Includes heated air, dry cycle. Washing temperature of 130F, and rinsing of 150F.
  • Speed – Treat this as the economy button. Wash cycle of 45 minutes for lightly soiled pots only. A washing temperature of 120F and rinsing of 130F.
  • Soak – This gives a rinse with a soak for 10 minutes.
  • Heavy – Wash cycle of 1hr 40 mins. This includes a double wash cycle. Also features a heated air dry cycle. Washing temperature of 130F, and rinsing of 150F.

All found on user-friendly controls.

10 Top Tips on the SPT Countertop Dishwasher

  1. This frontloading dishwasher has a 90-day returns policy and a 1-year warranty.
  2. Because it fits easily on a countertop, this is ideal for those who have mobility difficulties or suffer bending over problems. You can load and unload the SPT Countertop Dishwasher at waist level.
  3. Most users find the cycles run quietly, with a little more noise when the machine is draining.
  4. Fits medium sized dinner plates up to 10inches, without having to lean them on each other.
  5. The delay feature means you can fill it up, and re-set what time you want it to switch on. This is a great feature if you have a hot water fill shower or washing machine running. You can simply set everything up for the dishwasher and set the timer to switch on when the hot water isn’t needed elsewhere.
  6. There is also an internal heater in the dishwasher. This means that the hot water will be heated even further until it reaches the correct setting for the program you choose.
  7. If you have no counter space and cannot fit under the sink, get yourself sturdy moveable trolley with wheels. That way you can tuck it away elsewhere when not in use.
  8. You can leave the pipe on the faucet all night long, or if you go out, so don’t worry if you forget to disconnect. The dishwasher will automatically stop the flow of water.
  9. Any problems then pop along to Supentown’s website for troubleshooting suggestions.
  10. Here’s more detailed information on the warranty.


Many user reviews are positive on the reliability of the SPT Countertop Dishwasher. Most say how they like that it takes up so little room in the kitchen. This makes it ideal for those in apartments. Because it is such an efficient a space saver, you will find plenty of free space remaining of your worktops. You will still be able to fit other kitchen appliances on your surface areas, that will compliment your dishwasher. To give you an idea, have a quick look at many other kitchen implements that can sit alongside a countertop dishwasher here.

There is no doubt that this will blend into any modern kitchen, as it is available in white or silver. For an economical design, this model comes out tops. The fact that it takes up much less space than a full-sized dishwasher yet holds almost as many pots, is remarkable. Helps to keep the kitchen nice and tidy. With an SPT Countertop Dishwasher, you have no excuse to leave the dirty pots laying around anymore.

This article was last updated on January 8, 2021 .

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