How to Make a Tasty Deep Fried Turkey

Even though everything shouldn’t be fried, everything, including a Turkey, can be fried. Here’s how to do it. Remember that you’re working with hot oil and a large piece of meat, so this can potentially be very dangerous if care is not taken.


1 lb of salt
1 lb of brown sugar
6 qt of boiling water
3 lb of ice
4 qt of cold water (or enough water to cover turkey entirely)
13-15 lb turkey (no larger than 15 lb)
4 1/2 gal of peanut oil


Turkey deep frying kit, which should include the following:
Large pot (30 qt)
Hook or basket or stainless steel kitchen utensil with wide bottom, long handle and looped top
S hook with handle
Oven mitts or rotisserie grade oven mitts
Propane burner with sturdy stand that will hold your large pot
Deep fry thermometer


In a large pot, container or cooler with a lid, combine salt, brown sugar and boiling water to make the brine. Once the salt and brown sugar have dissolved, cool down with ice. Place your turkey into the brine mixture, add more cold water to cover your turkey entirely. Weight down the turkey with something heavy and cover. Place the turkey in a cool place or refrigerator and let it brine for 8-16 hours.

Remove the turkey from the brine, discard the brine. Pat dry the turkey. Make sure it’s entirely dry inside and out, border on very dry. Let it sit at room temp for 30 minutes prior to frying.

While the turkey is coming to room temp, prepare your deep frying pot. The pot should be large enough to hold the turkey, oil and have enough room to contain the oil once it starts bubbling (recommend 30 quart pot). See note below: Make sure the deep frying pot is clean and dry, any moisture in the pot will make the oil pop when it starts heating up. Pour the peanut oil into the pot. You should have enough oil to just cover the turkey. Set over high heat on an outside propane burner. Bring the temperature of the oil to 350°F/177°C.

While the oil is heating up, prepare your turkey to submerge into the oil. If you are using a turkey deep frying kit, use all the equipment provided (i.e. hook/basket, s-hook, retrieval handle). If not, take a stainless steel kitchen utensil with a wide bottom, long handle and looped top. Take the kitchen utensil and push the handle through the neck of the turkey. You want the wide part of the utensil to rest inside the turkey cavity. Take an s-hook with a handle attachment and loop it through the loop part of the kitchen utensil. Wipe down the turkey again to make sure there is no moisture. Turkey is ready.

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