Honda Power Equipment Snow Blower Review

Honda Snow Blower

Winter is a time when we all get troubled with the snow collected on our driveway. We all have to take up the responsibility of clearing it out with the help of a snow blower. Honda Single Stage Snow Blower HS720AA is made exactly for this purpose.

There are so many snow blowers out there and sometimes it is hard to select one. We are here to review the Honda Snow Blower (single stage) with dual chute control to help you in deciding how to choose the best snow blower. You can also go through a snow blower’s buying guide to know how to buy one.

Snow blowers make our life easy and the HS720AA snow blower is manufactured by Honda and if you invest in it, you don’t have to worry about the money spent on it because it comes from a renowned brand. So, to make sure that you have an easy time blowing snow this winter, you can check out our review for this product.

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Features of The Honda Snow Blower:

Here are the features of Honda Single Stage Snow Blower HS720AA with dual chute control:

  • Throws at the distance of 33 feet
  • Clears up to 20inches
  • Single stage
  • 4 cycles
  • Gas powered
  • Warranty of 2 years
  • Dual chute control
  • 187 cc engine

Design and Construction of The Honda Snow Blower

Honda Snow Blower HS720AA has a weight of 89 pounds and it is 49.6 inches by length and 20.9 inches by width. Its total height is around 40.6 inches. The tires have a height of 7 inches and width of 1.5 inches. The auger has 12 inches as diameter.

The snow blower has an engine torque of 8.3 ft.,-lb. It has a single speed in the forward direction. You can use the Snow Director control down as well as up in order to alter the throw distance of the snow.  It has a chute rotation radius that turns and occurs at 204 degrees.

You might think that this snow blower is of a small design but its ability of snow-clearing is similar to the models that are double its size. The snow blower is made with high-quality components that. Its 20 inches of clearing width allows the clearing of snow without any hassles and reduces your work drastically.

Is Honda Snow Blower convenient to use?

As a dual stage blower is not needed by everyone, the user can use a single stage snow blower. This blower by Honda operates on a single stage and is worth checking out. There is a lot of power in this lightweight and small snow blower, so don’t go by its size.

Because the Honda HS720AA comes with a 4 stroke engine, there is no need of mixing gas and oil in it. This means it is convenient to use and you don’t have to pay much attention to its maintenance. In addition to this, you can check out this video to see how the Honda HS720AA is used:

The other feature that makes the Honda Snow Blower convenient to use is the recoil start. This snow blower can easily move 1,800 pounds at a maximum if there are ideal lighting conditions, fluffy snow, and not the hard packed and icy snow. Plus, there are the foldable handles that offer ease. You can also change the direction in which the snow is slung with the help of the joystick, namely the remote chute control.

The snow blower is lightweight, which makes it easy to move. Though there are certain other issues in the snow blower like there is a risk of your hands freezing if you do not wear thick gloves as the machine’s handles aren’t get heated. In addition to this, it doesn’t come with a headlight. So, using the snow blower after it gets dark is difficult. But if you have outdoor lighting, this won’t be a problem for you.

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How safe is the Honda Snow Blower?

The Honda Snow Blower HS720AA with dual chute control system comes with an instruction manual that illustrates all the safety instructions, labels, and messages of the snow blower. They should be followed to ensure that a person doesn’t get killed or seriously hurt while using it. Another feature of Honda HS720AA snow blower is that it contains 0.29 gallons in fuel capacity.

This snow blower has large wheels that help in its easy transportation and storage. Residential home-owners can use the snow blower easily because it gives the similar high-level performance as large snow blowers. You can also read some extra tips to ensure safety while using a snow blower.

Is Honda Snow Blower powerful?Honda Snow Blower in Action

As the Honda Snow Blower is made with a rugged design, it provides a performance that can be counted on even if conditions get worse. The whole body of Honda HS720AA snow blower is made up of plastic. Its auger and chute are made of steel.

The Honda HS720AA snow blower contains the Honda GC190 OHC premium engine that provides a lot of power to churn right through the snow. You can start this snow blower very easily in the cold weather. Its chute controls analyze and determine the snow discharge direction.

The snow blower also comes with a deflector that provides an adjustment of 240 degrees from leftwards to rightwards. Moreover, the Honda snow blower has a feature of automatic decompression. The engine pressure is relieved by the system automatically during the start time and end time of the blower. This ensures that the snow blower’s engine gets full power after starting its engine.

Due to the Honda snow blower being gas-powered, you get loads of power. It comes with a 4 stroke engine, which implies you don’t have to worry about this machine making you go into self-propulsion. But, its auger can pull you a little bit along.


  • Starts easily
  • Can clear up to 1800 lbs. of snow per minute
  • Can discharge snow till a distance of 33 feet
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a decent warranty


  • Not easy on the pocket
  • The tires start collecting snow


Honda Single Stage Snow Blower HS720AA comes with a 2-year warranty that is actually very generous. So, if any kind of problems that occur in the warranty period, it would be handled without any charge by the manufacturer.

Though this model of Honda Snow Blower is more on the expensive side, given that it is a single stage unit snow blower, it can still handle a light snowfall that comes under the foot. It is a powerful machine when pitted against other single stage throwers. You can very well expect this machine to spit snow at a larger distance and eat more snow at a time.

Honda HS720AA requires a little bit of maintenance but not as much as other snow blowers out there because it is made of a 4 stroke engine. You don’t have to mix gas and oil in this snow blower. Additionally, it is lightweight in nature, which easily lets you work with it.

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