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Faberware Fast Cooking Air Fryer Review

Latest health reports warn us of the perils of frying food. The media constantly informs us how bad fats increase our risk of heart disease, but there is a solution to the problem of frying food. The Faberware air fryer is the new healthy way to fry your food, along with using a better quality oil.

While using with the Faberware air fryer, your food is not submerged in cholesterol inducing fat. Yet, it still retains that comforting taste of good old fashioned fried food. How does it perform this miracle? The clue is in the title, it’s an AIR fryer.

The Faberware air fryer convects hot air all around the cooking pot, in a confined space. This ensures your food still has that delicious crisp finish from the small amount of oil used. The best thing is that you can use more beneficial oil in your Faberware air Fryer, such as light olive oil, avocado or grapeseed oil.

Do you think this is too good to be true?

It is a perfectly legitimate cooking method to enjoy fried food without any unhealthy consequences. If you don’t feel convinced yet, then read this “Cooking Light” article that explains all about cooking with an air fryer. Plus you’ll find lots of recipe suggestions at the end of the article.

To take this one step further, why not watch this video and see how to cook in a Faberware air fryer:

Let’s have a look at how air frying compares to the way we’ve deep fried in the past. Then you can assess for yourself whether you want to use this cooking method to enjoy fried foods.

Compare Air Frying to Conventional Deep Frying

Conventional Deep Frying Process

The conventional way to fry food, especially deep fried, is to increase the heat of the oil until it reaches an extreme temperature. The problem occurs with this method when you raise the temperature above 320F. This is when a chemical reaction occurs, making the oil carcinogenic. This chemical effect can lead to serious diseases, such as cancer and dementia.

Hot oil also oxidizes, which is another chemical reaction. The fat molecules react with oxygen and destroy all the goodness in any food cooked with this method. To give you an idea of the oxidization effect, when you chop an apple then oxygen reacts with the fruit. This causes the fruit pulp to turn brown as it begins to deteriorate.

The more the same oil is used over and over, then the more oxidization it goes through. Your food is soaking in all that unhealthy oxidized fat.

Air Frying Process

Air frying uses far less oil than a conventional deep fryer. Although the air fryer can reach high temperatures of around 320F, its actually cooking the food gently with a little light steaming. Due to the steaming effect, you can drop the cooking temperature a little, according to the ingredients you are cooking. This stops the unhealthy chemical reaction.

It is the hot air that ensures that browning crispy effect, along with the oil when food is air fried. Not only is it tasty but it also looks very appetizing too. It may take some getting used to this new cooking method, as you can overcook food. That’s why you need to practice your cooking skills in this little magical kitchen appliance.

It does seem that food remains much healthier with air frying compared to the old conventional method of deep oil frying. Why not try it out for yourself the Faberware air fryer? Using a healthier oil, you can truly appreciate the quality of the food that this little wonder can produce.

Features of the Faberware Air Fryer

Faberware Air Fryer Open

Making fried food healthier for those who just can’t resist a crispy browned finish.


  • Size: L14 x W12.4 x H12.4-inches
  • Weight 7-pounds
  • 8 different programmes
  • Cooks 2lb of food with a 3-liter capacity
  • Temperature setting between 150-400F
  • 1500W to be run on a 20 amp circuit
  • Safety auto cut-off function
  • 2-year warranty

Advantages of a Faberware Air Fryer

No more sacrificing your favorite fried dishes. From donuts to chicken nuggets. Fries to crispy vegetables. Even cornbread to muffins. This is a healthier alternative method for cooking fried foods. You can even cook from frozen.

Get with the Program

A groovy piece of high tech equipment that will look good on any modern-day kitchen surface.

The easy to use digital touchscreen control panel gives you access to several temperatures and timings. Cook your ingredients within the 8 different program settings, and get perfect results. A method that cooks faster than oven baking, and gives a crunchier finish. Plus, it doesn’t take as much energy as running a full sized oven.

How long your food takes to cook depends on the ingredients. Different food items will need varying temperatures and times with the digital setting, but we are talking minutes. All you need to do whilst cooking is in the process, is shake the basket half way through or turn over the food if required.

It’s so easy and safe that anyone can use it. The handle of the fry basket does not get hot, and the frying process is sealed once the pull-out drawer closes shut. Other features include non-slip feet so it will not slide about.

No Mess

Because of the small amount of oil used for cooking in a Faberware air fryer, you get NO:

  • Spills of sticky oil to wipe away.
  • Smells of cooking oil, as the food cooks inside the machine with a rapid air circulation method, it keeps all that goodness inside.
  • Greasy utensils that you would normally need for flipping over your food while cooking.

Easy to clean but do be aware that it has a non-stick finish on the inside surface, to treat with respectful care. Once you’ve emptied the small amount of oil out, place the basket and its drawer holder into the dishwasher. Clean down the outside of the machine with a hot damp cloth.

Now’s the time to eliminate those unhealthy trans-fats from your diet, once and for all, while still, enjoying the taste of fried food.


This is not a complicated appliance. It’s easy to use cooking-method. This process allows you to eat fried food without the negative effects on your heart, but only if you eat fried food in moderation. It’s also easy on your pocket as these smaller models are inexpensive. With the larger air fryers that have shelves, you can even use them for baking, grilling, and roasting. It is the convection of the heat that allows other cooking processes to be used.

Although the Faberware air fryer is a smaller model, it is a great machine for one person or for the smaller kitchen. Plus, it’s ideal if you’re wanting to cut down on fried foods because you can make smaller portions. As cooking time is reduced, they can still be useful for family snacks.

Included with this Faberware air fryer is a cookbook with 25 recipes to get you started. Eating wholesome and nutritious foods is always a key component to staying healthy. You should never eat fried foods in excess, instead limit it to treats. It’s important to use other, healthier cooking methods too, such as steaming and boiling.

Add another cooking method to your healthier way of eating by considering cooking some of your meals in a slow cooker. Slow cooking seals in the flavors and all the nutritional goodness too. Have a look at our best 6 slow cookers and your kitchen will soon be complete. These two mobile kitchen appliances will look great together in any style of kitchen.

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