The Best Self Balancing Electric Unicycles

Are you looking for the best electric unicycle? We’ve got you covered with our list review and guide to the 5 best electric unicycles below. There are many such products being introduced in the market every day. Therefore, it may prove a bit challenging to make a better choice of an electric unicycle that best suits you.

The 5 Best Selling Electric Unicycles

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling electric unicycles available for sale on The list is automatically updated once a day. Scroll further down for our full buying guide and electric unicycle reviews.

A good electric unicycle should not just have features that might deceive you. It should be one that can perform as per your expectations when you are practically using it. Therefore you do not have to base your judgment on appearance, price or features. There is much more to consider. This review will help you to identify the best self-balancing electric unicycle.

Electric unicycle started way back in 2009 when RYHNO Motors company located in Portland, Oregon created mono-cycle which is a one-wheeled electric monocycle. Ever since then, most companies have ventured into this business thus producing them in a large number.

Most self-balancing electric unicycles are designed such that you stand on them with your legs touching both sides in order to achieve balance. They allow you to experience self-balancing in both forward and backward motion. It is upon you as the user to determine the direction of motion.

There are various features and technical specifications that accompany these products. They are meant to guide you in making buying decisions so that you can choose the best self-balancing electric unicycle that will suit your needs. You may consider the speed, the motor power, material for construction, price among others.

If you want to enjoy your ride as you balance yourself on an electric unicycle, you may want one that cruises at high speed, generates much power and is durable to high-quality construction material.

You don’t need to buy anything that will easily break once you place your legs on it regardless of your weight. The most popular electric unicycles that we have in the market today include Focus Design SBU V3, Air Wheel X 3, The Ninebot Fotowelt, Fotowelt X 30 and Ninebot One E+. Let’s find out what rules the game.

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The 5 Best Self Balancing Electric Unicycles:

To make life a bit easier for you we’ve selected and reviewed the five best self-balancing electric unicycles below.

1. Focus Designs SBU V3 Self balancing unicycle – Worth the price

Focus Designs SBU V3 Self balancing unicycle

If you are looking for a good product with the quality that you desire, the price should not be an issue. Focus Designs SBU V3 is worth its price and hence a good investment.

It has seat that you can easily adjust, provides you with regenerating braking, cruises for 10mile range per charge and weighs 33.4 pounds. Its weight makes it more stable. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive.

2. Airwheel X3 – Pocket-friendly  

Airwheel X3

If you do not want to spend much money but still need a decent electric unicycle, Airwheel X3 is your excellent choice. Its price is moderate. It comes with a bright battery level LED indicator to signify you when the battery is low.

Training wheels are included hence a good beginner unicycle and have gyroscopes to make constant corrections when balancing. However, it requires constant battery charging.

3. Ninebot Fotowelt Self Balancing – Good for long-distance ranges

Ninebot Fotowelt Self Balancing

If you are the kind of person that likes riding long distances, then this is definitely the best self-balancing electric unicycle that perfectly matches you. This amazing electric unicycle has an exceptional ability to travel up to 35 km.

Absolutely amazing! Furthermore, you can use it on a hilly area up to a climbing angle of 20 degrees. Where else do you get such a unicycle? It also has a sleek futuristic design and you only need one hour to charge it fully.

However, it is small and made from lighter material hence can break under much weight.

4. Ninebot One E+ – Highly fashionable

Nine bot One E+

If you are interested in an electric unicycle for personal transportation that is fashionable, then Nine bot One E+ best suits you. It cruises at a speed of about 22km/h, has a 320Wh high capacity battery, comes with a futuristic design and you can use it to climb at a level of 20 degrees. However, it is a bit expensive.

5. Fotowelt X30 Self Balancing Electric Unicycle – A good alternative for commuting  

Fotowet X30

If you easily get tired due to the long-distance covered while commuting especially in an urban area, then this is the right fit for you. It has an excellent ability to move at a maximum speed of 18km per hour. This is absolutely incredible. It helps you save on the time you spend on commuting.

In addition, it has impressive features that will make you like it much more. For instance, it includes a high capacity lithium battery which stores charge for a longer duration and 350W motor to generate enough power for movement.

It also comes with an air pump to help you refill the air and a charger for connecting it to the source of power when the battery is low. On the flip side, its tires use air hence can’t operate when the air is finished.


From the above the reviews of electric unicycles, the best actually depends on you. It is upon you to determine your specific needs and what you want to achieve by buying the self-balancing electric unicycle. The choice is yours.

This article was last updated on September 2, 2020 .