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Propane Tank Sizes

Propane Tank Sizes

Before you buy your first propane heater it’s important that you familiarize yourself with everything propane. That includes the propane tank sizes, which vary in dimensions, capacity and weight. Heating a standard sized family living room...

The Best Portable Air Purifiers

The Best Portable Air Purifiers

We put together this post to help you choose the very best air purifier for your specific home or business needs. We know all too well what difference a quality air purifier can make in the lives of asthmatics, allergy sufferers, people with...

What is BTU

What Is BTU (British Thermal Unit)?

BTU or British Thermal Unit is a popular topic and regularly used term here on HouseandTech. We take a look at what BTU is, how it is calculated, how it applies to our household utilities, and how it helps us pick out our heaters, air conditioners...

Modern Kitchen Appliances

15 Must-Have Modern Kitchen Appliances

Setting up your new kitchen? Or maybe you are planning to revamp and renovate your kitchen? Whatever your purpose is, it is important that you make sure that your kitchen is equipped with all the right tools and appliances that you will need to make...

Best Heater and Fan Combo

The Best Heater and Fan Combos

We are seldom happy with the weather. When it is hot we wish it were cooler. When it is cold we try to get warmer. The best solution to this is a heater and fan combo. They are affordable, effective, and easy to use. We review the 5 best heater and...

Electric String Trimmer

Electric String Trimmer Buying Guide

There are more than a few details to consider before buying an electric string trimmer. In this buyer’s guide, we are going to address these and give you a better idea of how to pick your next purchase. Table Of ContentsTypes of String...