DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter

5 Valentines Day Gadget Gift Ideas for Him 2016

No, we’re not talking about toys to spice up valentines day, we’re talking about gadgets you can buy for your husband or boyfriend on valentines day, or Christmas, or birthdays, or just any day you would like to put a smile on his face. Every year new gadgets are released and 2016 is no different, this year we saw the popular uptake of the “hoverboard”, quadcopter drone and electric bicycle. No matter what type of man you have, any of these gifts will make him happy.

  1. Self Balancing Scooter “Hoverboard”

Best Self Balancing Scooters

Everywhere you go, whether it be just into town or to the airport, you can easily see the growing popularity of the newest trend; the Self-balancing Scooter, or more commonly known as, the Hoverboard. The two-wheeled self balancing scooter is easily portable, and rechargeable.

Its popular with many different people due to its easy maneuvering, lightweight structure, and the small learning curve associated with it. For any travel on a smooth, mostly horizontal surface, the Self-balancing scooters are a great investment.

2. Quadcopter Drone

DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter

These little innovative devices can be used for numerous types of reasons. One of the most popular involves capturing dazzling aerial images, specifically in places that humans cannot go. With this being said, by combining the most sophisticated engineering and technology capabilities, quadcopters with the cameras have a rich history. Initially, this concept came from the Australian military since it was used for combat purposes. It was at this time, the military and others understood that the potential capabilities were very promising. As time progressed, planes without pilots entered the seen and could be controlled remotely.

3. Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Focus Designs SBU V3 Self balancing unicycle

Electric unicycle started way back in 2009 when RYHNO Motors company located in Portland,Oregon created mono-cycle which is a one wheeled electric monocycle. Ever since then, most companies have ventured into this business thus producing them in a large number. Most self balancing electric unicycles are designed such that you stand on them with your legs touching both sides in order to achieve balance. They allow you to experience self balancing in both forward and backward motion. It is upon you as the user to determine the direction of motion.

4. Electric Bicycle

Volton Alation Mid-Drive 350 Electric Bike

It might not be the manliest thing ever, but when you get it as a gift, you don’t have to explain to people why you love it. Modern electric bicycles are built to provide bicycle commuters assistance when needed, such as when travelling longer than usual distances, when carrying a few extra grocery bags, when climbing a hill or when carrying extra passengers, for example. Most electric bicycles are not built to only be powered by the electric motor, but some of the more expensive versions do offer that option.

5. Folding Bike

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike

What if you could carry your bike around with you, no matter where you went? Whether it be a weekend gateway or a new State altogether, carrying a foldable bike with you makes traveling really easy. And it isn’t just the holidays that you would love to spend with your folding bike. Folding bikes are popular with more people opting to go for folding bikes for daily use. That includes men who love functional gadgets and how much time, money and space it saves them.

Don’t think our list is manly enough? Here’s a more traditional manly list for the man who’s still evolving:

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