Pallet Planter / Garden Container

19 Awesome Wooden Pallet DIY Project Ideas

A wooden pallet can be used to build everything from tables, to rockers and planters. It’s the DIY recycler’s dream material as it’s affordable (sometimes even free), can be found anywhere companies operate and is really easy to work with. When it’s broken down it’s basically several planks of different lengths and thickness, which can be used to build nearly anything. Not that you have to take it apart, as you’ll see with 19 of our favorite wooden pallet DIY project ideas below.

1. Pallet Chest With Drawers

Pallet Chest With Drawers

2. Pallet Mail Organizer

Pallet Mail Organizer

3. Pallet Dart Board
Pallet Dart Board

4. Pallet Swing Chair
Pallet Swing Chair

5. Pallet Theater Sitting Area

Pallet Theater Sitting Area

6. Pallet Recycling Bags

Pallet Recycling Bags

7. Pallet Cat Sleeping Box

Pallet Cat Sleeping Box

8. Pallet Planter / Garden Container

Pallet Memories Wall

10. Pallet Planter / Garden Container

Pallet Planter / Garden Container

11. Pallet Vertical Planter

Pallet Vertical Planter

12. Pallet Modular Chair

Pallet Modular Chair

13. Pallet Towel Hangers

Pallet Towel Hangers

14. Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

15. Pallet Room Divider
Pallet Room Divider

16. Pallet Beer Cooler

Pallet Beer Cooler


17. Pallet Shower

Pallet Shower


18. Pallet Wine Rack

Pallet Wine Rack

19. Pallet Chandelier

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