3D Printed Scratchable Casts

17 Inventions of the Future Already Here

The world is full of very smart people creating really awesome things, both useful and not so useful. Below we have 17 inventions created recently which most of us thought would only be seen in the distant future.

1. A Camera for an Eye

The Camera Eye

2. Flexible Phones

Flexible Phones

3. 3D Printed Odor-Free & Scratchable Casts

3D Printed Scratchable Casts

4. Digital Physical Library (Unnecessary)

Digital Physical Library

5. Instant Frost Translucent Glass

Instant Frost Translucent Glass6. Ridiculously Fast Fiber Interwebs

Ridiculously Fast Fiber Interwebs

7. Driverless Cars

Driverless Cars

8. Touchscreen Store

Touchscreen Store9. Everything in One Small PhoneEverything in One Small Phone

10. Exoskeletons


11. 3D Metal Printing

3D Metal Printing

12. 3D Printed Gifts / Souvenirs

3D Printed Gifts / Souvenirs

13. Digital and Pre-Orders

Digital and Pre-Orders

14. Beautiful Smart Driving Displays

Beautiful Smart Driving Displays

15. Gel Refrigerator

Gel Refrigerator

16. Smart Trasch Can

Smart Trasch Cans

17. Real-Time Translator

Real-Time Translator

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What is your favorite and which The Future is Here inventions did we miss?

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