17 Innovations You Never Knew You Needed. Until Now.

From high tech mirrors to gum with mini post-its, here’s 17 product innovations you never knew you needed.

1. Bathroom Mirrors With TVs Built In

Mirror TV

2. Biker Jackets with Lights Indicator and Brake Lights On

Bikers Jacket with Lights On

3. Fruit color sticker which indicates color for best taste

Fruit taste color

4. Wrap your chewed gum in these tiny post-its

Gum with post-its

5. Want mustard? It’s what this vending machine has

Mustard Vending Machine

6. No more fog on your bathroom mirror with this heated mirror

No fog heater mirror

7. At this petrol station pumps hung from the roof, no more wrong side

Petrol Station Roof Pumps

8. Pre threaded sewing kit

Pre Threaded Sewing Kit

9. No more breaking Pringles, just use this lift tab

Pringles lift tab

10. These messages only show when wet

Rain Only Messages

11. If you’re looking for the bill just push the button

Restaurant Bill Button

12. A place to store your skateboard safely

Skateboard lock up

13. A notch for your bag so it doesn’t fall off

The chair that has a notch cut into it for your bag.

14. No radio until you buckle your seat-belt. Safety first

The radio that doesn’t play until your seatbelt is buckled.

15. Plug n Play USB stick made of paper

USB Paper Stick

16. This stick indicates how full it is

USB Stick Space Indicator

17. A vending machine for dogs (you still need to train them how to use it)

Vendind Machine for Dogs


Which is your favorite?

These images originally appeared on imgur here.