15 Of The Most Unusual and Mostly Unnecessary Inventions

For decades people have invented some of the most amazing things. But not all inventions are awesome. These images show some of the weirdest inventions in the world.

1. The Foot Powered Bicycle

The Foot Powered Bicycle

Why not just use a normal bicycle? This bicycle operates without a saddle, pedals and gears. You must run to get the bicycle going and after enough momentum you can rest your feet and steer. Makes me think of the Flinstones cars.

2. Nose Stylus

This invention is made from clay and is strapped to the face so that the user can operate on their phone without using their hands. Apparently this helps people to multi-task.

3. Grass Flip Flops


There is nothing quite like the sensation you get between your toes when walking on grass. The idea behind this invention is for people to feel like they are walking on grass without actually having to go outside and literally walk on grass.

4. Medal Detector Sandals


This invention seems pretty cool. You can use these medal detector sandals to find treasures while walking on the beach

5. The Ostrich Pillow


With the ostrich pillow you can nap anywhere anytime. The holes in the side is for your hands if you feel like resting your head on a desk or something. This inventions can be useful if you do not mind weaing it in public.

6. See-Through Pocket Jeggings


Source: mashable.com

The see-through pocket jeggings allows you to operate and store your phone in your pants

7. Edible spray paint


Yup, you can spray your food to make your guest believe that they are actually eating gold (if they fall for that)

8. BBQ Brander


You can use the BBQ brander to name your food. Seems a bit unnecessary

9. Quackbill Muzzle


As if some human inventions is not weird enough. This is a dog muzzle that just looks ridicilous

10. Condom Flash Drive





This is not your typical umbrella. With this umbrella you can be sure that you would not get wet in the rain

12. The Ear Enhancer


Not sure anybody would use this in public

13. Mobile Toilet Paper


You will never have to worry about forgetting your toilete paper again

14. Baby Cleaner


Why not let your baby do the cleaning?

15. Never-ending Bubble Wrap


This could keep you busy for hours

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