10 Practical Car Care Tips for a Memorable Winter Road Trip

Many people love winter because of the festive ambiance that it exudes. But we cannot deny the fact that the cold season comes with plenty of hassles. For one, the snow can make driving difficult and our road trips unsafe. If you are planning to go on a winter road trip, you have to prepare for the unique challenges that come with winter driving.

To help make sure that you will be able to stay safe and make the most out of your winter road trip, there are a few hacks that you need to know. Here are some of them:

1. Solve The Foggy Windshield Dilemma


One of the struggles of a winter road trip would be foggy windshields. Aside from being annoying, this will make your driving conditions quite dangerous. Lucky for you, there is one great way to take care of this—a shaving cream! To fog-proof your windshield, all that you have to do is apply shaving cream on the inside part of your windows. This works because shaving cream has all the ingredients that can be found in commercial defoggers.

2. Prevent Ice from Forming on Your Windows

When parking during the winter season, it is recommended that you park facing east to avoid ice from forming. But if that is not possible, the best thing that you can do is to apply a homemade de-icing solution. You can whip that up by mixing three parts of vinegar and one part of water. Spray this into the windshield and no ice will form!

3. Keep Car Doors from Freezing

During winter, ice is everywhere—even in your car doors! To make sure that your car doors, handles, and locks will not be stuck due to ice, there are plenty of things that you can do. For one, you can apply WD-40 in the key hole of your car door. Another great idea is to apply cooking spray in the cracks between the door.

4. Increase Head Light Visibility

When driving during the winter season, increasing your visibility on the road should be one of your main priorities. Lucky for you, you can do that using a toothpaste. Just apply it to the outer covering of your head lights. Rinse it with warm water afterwards. For best results, apply  a layer of turtle wax afterwards.

5. Keep the Car’s Undercarriage Clean

It is important that you clean your car during winter as often as you can. This is because the de-icing products along with salt, ice and dirt can damage your car. To thoroughly clean the undercarriage of your car, just simply run a lawn sprinkler underneath the car. Just drive it back and forth.

6. Have a Winter Roadside Survival Kit

In the event that your car bogged down in the middle of the road, survival should be your main priority. That is when a survival kit would come handy. The kit should contain gloves, booster cables, shovel, blanket, and candles. In addition to that, you should also bring an energy bar and water.

7. Do Not Use Cruise Control When Driving on Slippery Roads

Your chances of surviving a skin will rely on how fast you will react to it. However, there is a high chance that your ability to regain control of your car will be impeded when you are using cruise control. This is because cruise control systems will cause your car to continue to accelerate but in the wrong direction. That is why you should turn off your cruise control when driving during winter.

8. Prevent Keys from Getting Stuck

When your car locks freeze, there is a high chance that your keys will get stuck in it. To prevent that, you should try to coat your keys with a hand sanitizer. Since the sanitizer contains alcohol, it has the ability to melt the ice that has formed inside the locks.

9. Avoid Getting Stuck on the Roads

It is easy for your car to get stuck in the pile of snow on the road but there are easier ways on how you can prevent the car from getting stuck. One of the best ways is to place a couple of 20-pound bags of kitty litter in the trunk. This will provide your car a bit of traction if you have a rear-wheel drive.

In the event that you already got stuck in the snow bank, you can easily un-stuck your car with the use of your floor mats. Just simply take out the floor mat and place it under the spinning tire then try to get the engine going and you will surely be unstuck in no time!

10. Remove Ice from Your Windows

If ever your windows are filled with ice already, the best tool that you can use can be found inside your wallet—your credit cards. You can use these as an alternative if you do not have an ice scraper on hand. If you are worried about using your credit cards, you can use a gift or rewards card instead.

Truly, driving during the winter season is a struggle for many of us. But that doesn’t mean that you should cancel your travel plans. After all, you already have the winter road trip hacks that will help you achieve a safe, fun and exciting winter road trip!

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